With a variety of interment offerings, Newton Cemetery has an option that is sure to meet your needs. From urn garden plots designed exclusively for the burial of cremated remains to large lots that can accommodate a private family mausoleum, there are many choices. The information on this page describes the types of interment space or visit our  interactive map  for a sampling what is available.

If you need to purchase a space for an immediate need, call the Newton Cemetery office at 617-332-0047. Our caring staff will guide you through the process and will work with your funeral home to coordinate the details of the service. If you do not have a funeral home, please refer to the list of area funeral homes in our resource section.

To learn more or make an appointment, please contact the Newton Cemetery office or complete the contact form to request more information.


Casket Interment Options
Single Grave
Newton Cemetery single grave

Single graves are one grave space wide and accommodate one or two full caskets or cremated remain interments. Prices start at $4,200 for single graves allowing a flush marker and $9,750 for single graves allowing an upright monument.

Double Grave
Newton Cemetery double grave

Double graves are two grave spaces wide and accommodate up to four full caskets or cremated remain interments. Double Graves allow for one upright monument. Prices start at $12,750.

Family Lot
Newton Cemetery family lot

Family lots contain three or more grave spaces. Prices start at $17,100 for lots allowing flush markers and $29,500 for lots allowing upright monuments.

Walnut Court Mausoleum
Newton Cemetery walnut court mausoleum

Outdoor, above ground entombment spaces (crypts) are available for one, two, or four caskets. Crypt fronts allow for a uniform inscription of names and dates. Prices start at $16,600.

Private Family Mausoleum
Newton Cemetery private family mausoleum

Large lots suited for a private family mausoleum are available. Please call for more information.

Cremated Remain Interment Options
In addition to the above listed lot types, Newton Cemetery offers interment options designed specifically for cremated remains.
Urn Garden Plot
Newton Cemetery urn garden plots

Most urn garden plots can accommodate up to two cremated remains. Some family urn garden plots can accommodate up to six remains. Prices start at $3,500 for plots allowing for a flush marker. 

Urn Garden Plots at Memorial Curve
Newton Cemetery urn garden plot memorial curve

Urn garden plots at our memorial curve accommodate four remains. A slant marker is included with the lot and allows for a uniform inscription of names and dates. Urn garden plots at memorial curve are $4,750

Garden and Fountain Niches
Newton Cemetery garden fountain niches

Garden and fountain niches are located in Walnut Court. Each granite front niche allows for two cremated remains and a uniform inscription of names and dates. Prices start at $1,750 for Garden Niches, and $3,500 for Fountain Niches.

Newton Cemetery columbarium

The columbarium offers a permanent placement for cremated remains in a comfortable, indoor environment. Bronze and glass front niches are available. Prices for single Bronze Urniches start at $500. Glass front Niches start at $1,750, and Bronze front Niches begin at $1,250.

Scattering Grounds
Newton Cemetery Scattering Grounds

Cremated remains are buried without an urn or marker in Newton Cemetery’s scattering grounds. The scattering grounds in the Dell opened in 2014 and features a maintained environment with a paved pathway that is kept clear throughout the year. The scattering grounds near the front entrance of the cemetery was rejuvenated in 2018. It is a wooded, natural area with with benches set along winding stonedust paths and a mixture of trees, shrubs and groundcover plants. Like all interments at Newton Cemetery, scattering records are kept in the cemetery office for perpetuity.