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Newton Cemetery & Arboretum is a splendid example of the rural garden cemetery movement of the 1800’s, which strove to create park like cemeteries by utilizing the natural landscape to create a tranquil resting place and serve as a location where the public could escape the city and enjoy nature.  The garden cemetery concept was a forerunner of public park development in America and features winding paths, large shade trees, flowers, shrubs and appealing vistas.  Today, Newton Cemetery & Arboretum is still a place where the public is welcome to explore the beauty of the grounds.  With its rolling lawns and network of ponds, it serves as a park for the community and a valued green space in Newton.  Come enjoy the numerous horticultural features, abundant wildlife and escape the stress of everyday life, if only for a few moments. 

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Newton Cemetery & Arboretum is proud of its trees and proud to be an accredited arboretum, one of the few accredited arboreta in the state of Massachusetts as awarded by the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program. The Morton Arboretum  established the program, a basic system of accreditation to recognize arboreta of various degrees of development, capacity, and professionalism. Explore and learn using the tree inventory tool.  From majestic native shade trees to exquisite ornamentals, there is something to appreciate every season. Newton Cemetery & Arboretum is even home to the original Newton Sentry Sugar Maple, the first tree of its kind discovered.  Tours of the arboretum led by the Cemetery’s arborist are held every year, and an interactive tree tour is also available to visitors. Trees can be sponsored through the Sponsor a Tree program for those who want to help ensure future generations can enjoy the arboretum at Newton Cemetery.


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The Newton Cemetery & Arboretum serves as an oasis to a diverse ecosystem in an urban area. With 100 acres of open space, hundreds of trees and a natural pond system that moves through the grounds, many species of wildlife call Newton Cemetery home. Turtles, frogs, chipmunks, and deer, or an occasional coyote may be spotted on a visit to Newton Cemetery. The grounds are also a favorite of bird watchers, where you will find a variety of hawks, ducks, warblers, herons, and doves among the migrating species. Visit eBird to learn about the latest bird sightings, and join our email list to find out about the next bird walk.  


As members of the American Public Gardens Association, Newton Cemetery & Arboretum recognizes the importance of horticulture in public gardens. In the spring, pansies and cheerful tulip and daffodil bulbs abound. Plants grown in the cemetery greenhouses by the professional horticultural staff provide bursts of color throughout the summer months. Pockets of shade plantings provide visitors with numerous points of interest on their stroll through the cemetery grounds.

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