Markers, Engravings, and Monuments

Families may place a memorial or complete an engraving once they have purchased a space at Newton Cemetery. Memorialization may occur before or after a burial has taken place. Outdoor memorial work is typically completed April through November (weather dependent). Columbarium niche front inscriptions may be done any time of the year. To learn about what type of memorialization your space allows please contact the cemetery office at 617-332-0047.


Monuments and markers are produced by a memorial company or the government and are set by Newton Cemetery. Families should contact a memorial dealer directly to initiate the work. The cost of a memorial from a private dealer is dependent on its size, material, and the number of inscriptions. Government markers for Veterans are free and set by Newton Cemetery at a discounted rate.

The cemetery fees to place a memorial are also based on the size. More information on pricing can be found in our price schedule. Families will receive an invoice for cemetery fees after Newton Cemetery approves an Application for Memorial Work. To learn what type of memorialization your space allows and the cost to set a memorial, please contact the cemetery office at 617-332-0047.


Veteran’s markers, niche markers, and medallions are provided by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Applications are forwarded to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs through the cemetery office. Veteran memorials must conform to Newton Cemetery regulations. To find out what your space allows, please contact the cemetery office at 617-332-0047.

For more information, visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs


Crypt or Niche Front
Inscription work is initiated and managed through Newton Cemetery. Outdoor inscriptions are completed April through November. Inscriptions for niches in the columbarium may be completed at any time throughout the year. To complete an inscription on a crypt or niche front, please visit or call the cemetery office at 617-332-0047.

Existing Monument or Marker
Families should contact a memorial dealer to arrange inscription work on a headstone or marker. The dealer will submit an Application for Memorial Work to Newton Cemetery for approval before any work is done on a memorial. Inscriptions are completed April through November.


In ground vases may installed at any burial space on the grounds. A vase allows visitors to display a bouquet of flowers. When not in use the vase sits flush to the ground. Vases may be purchased through a memorial dealer and are installed April through November.


Newton Cemetery offers the convenient service of having your monument professionally cleaned by our staff. The work can be done by request as needed or a perpetual care contract may be arranged. A perpetual care contract ensures the monument is cleaned regularly. Please call the office for more information regarding perpetual care. To have your monument cleaned on a one-time basis, please visit the Lot Care section of our website. Monuments and markers of any size can be cleaned and cleanings are done April through November.

Families may also choose to arrange the cleaning work through a memorial company or clean the monument on their own. A stone can be cleaned by a memorial dealer once an application for cleaning (Memorial Work) has been approved. If you choose to clean the monument on your own, Newton Cemetery recommends using a soft bristled brush and water.

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