The Newton Cemetery

Is a non-profit Massachusetts corporation governed by elected trustees, shall operate and maintain a garden-type cemetery into the indefinite future for people of all faiths, and to provide the following specific features in its ongoing operation:

  • Provide a variety of burial choices offered at a range of prices.
  • Serve the cemetery needs of Newton residents while not excluding others.
  • Develop the remaining unoccupied areas of the Cemetery‚Äôs grounds with appropriate balance.
  • Maintain a serene and attractive park-like atmosphere.
  • Enable members of the general public to benefit from visiting the Cemetery.
  • Operate and maintain a crematory.
  • Operate and maintain a non-denominational chapel.
  • Attract and maintain a highly competent and professional staff.
  • Conduct annual operations at appropriate levels of income and expense. 
  • Invest permanent funds with able professional management, emphasizing total investment return.

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