Friends of Newton Cemetery

The Friends of Newton Cemetery & Arboretum was established in 2017 as a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Cemetery’s historic and natural aspects through preservation and education for the benefit of all visitors. The beauty and tranquility of the grounds have been appreciated for more than 160 years and even if your loved ones don’t rest at Newton Cemetery, its preservation as a local landmark rich with history and natural beauty is vital. Your help will support arboretum care, Cemetery preservation and public programs, ensuring Newton Cemetery’s recognition as a vital cultural resource.

Make your gift online today or let us know your interest by completing our Volunteer Application. The Friends of Newton Cemetery appreciates your support.

Newton Cemetery & Arboretum is not municipally owned and receives no routine public funding. 

Gifts support the following


Details of the past are recorded on monuments, structures, original maps and records. Preserving these is a priority of the Friends and demonstrated by what is planned, in progress and what has already been achieved. In 2016, the restoration of the Murdock Fountain received a Newton Preservation Award, given in recognition of outstanding accomplishments and stewardship in local historic preservation.

Additional examples of what your contribution supports:

Whipple-Beal Fence Restoration

Archives Preservation & Digitizing


As a garden cemetery and accredited arboretum, the plants and trees are part of what make Newton Cemetery special. Your donation supports these types of projects:

Interpretive Signage / Newton Sentry Maple Tree
The Newton Sentry maple tree, a mutant of the sugar maple, was the first of its kind discovered. It was moved to Newton Cemetery from its original location on the grounds of the first Claflin School. As part of this project, the Friends of Newton Cemetery would like to install interpretive signage illuminating the story of the Newton Sentry maple tree and its significance. 

April 30, 1885 – Newton Sentinel maple tree removed from the Claflin School

Sponsor a Tree
Noble trees grace all corners of the grounds. Some were here when the cemetery was founded. Their stature and dignity allow visitors to appreciate a “horticultural history”, so to speak. New trees need to be continually planted to ensure a multi-generational canopy. Support of the Sponsor a Tree program will help guarantee this will happen so generations of visitors can enjoy the quiet grace mature trees provide. 


A selection of walks and tours are held throughout the year that highlight the importance of Newton Cemetery as a local landmark and a community resource. There are tree tours led by Newton Cemetery’s own certified arborist, History Walks and Bird Walks, co-sponsored with organizations such as Historic Newton and Manomet.

Help us enhance and expand the range of programs offered by contributing to Public Programs.

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