Holiday Tributes and Care

A variety of care options are available for your space at Newton Cemetery. From a holiday tribute placed by our greenhouse staff for Memorial Day to monument cleaning services, there are numerous choices to enhance the beauty of your lot. All options can be placed under perpetual care, where a one-time fee ensures your desired service is provided in perpetuity. Annual care is another option for most of our services, offering the flexibility of year to year payment.


Beautiful potted flower arrangements for Easter, Memorial Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day and elegant wreaths in December are available. Each arrangement is placed by Newton Cemetery staff at the grave of the person you wish to remember.  To place an order, please visit our store.

Visitors are also welcome to arrange delivery of a tribute through a florist or place their own decorations.  Please refer to the Local Resources section for a list of area florists, and the Guidelines for Planting and Decorations for more information on what may be left at a grave.


Flower beds and groundcover are available on lots with an upright monument. Flower beds may be placed under annual or perpetual care. The beds are planted in May and cared for through the summer by the Newton Cemetery greenhouse staff. Groundcover orders require a perpetual care contract. Please visit our store for more information and to place your order.


Newton Cemetery offers the convenient service of having your monument professionally cleaned by our staff. The work can be done by request as needed or a perpetual care contract may be arranged. A perpetual care contract ensures the monument is cleaned regularly. Please call the office for more information regarding perpetual care. To have your monument cleaned on a one-time basis, please visit our store. Monuments and markers of any size can be cleaned and cleanings are done April through November.

Families may also choose to arrange the cleaning work through a memorial company or clean the monument on their own. A stone can be cleaned by a memorial dealer once an application for cleaning (Memorial Work) has been approved. If you choose to clean the monument on your own, Newton Cemetery recommends using a soft bristled brush and water.

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