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To search for a burial, type the first and/or last name into the boxes below and hit enter or click the “Search” button.  Related records will appear below.  Other fields can be used to narrow the search results.  If there is an icon in the “Details” column, it can be clicked to find the location of that burial.  From that page, a Google map with directions can be launched by clicking on the coordinates, longitude and latitude highlighted in blue.  If there is no icon in the “Details” column, our PDF Map can be used in conjunction with the information in the “Location” column below to find the burial.

About The Application

Please excuse any difficulty in finding a loved one using the burial search.  In some cases, we do not have location coordinates, but we are continually working to improve the accuracy and completeness of our data.
For assistance, please contact Newton Cemetery & Arboretum at 617-332-0047 or

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