Price Schedule

Prices are in effect Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2021 and are subject to change without notice. 

Casket interment: 

Adult  $2,450 
Child under 10  $995 
Infant under 1  no charge 
Garden Crypt  $2,450
Mausoleum  $2,450 

Cremated Remains interment: 

Earth  $975 
Niche  $575 
Scattering  $975

Containers and other BURIAL fees: 

Adult grave box, including installation  $1,250 
Child grave box  $525 
Infant grave box  $325 
Casket containers installed by Cemetery  $600  
Tent installation  $375 

Additional Overtime costs for interment: 

Overtime after 3pm, per hour  $500 
Saturday grave or crypt interment  $1,400 
Saturday cremated remains interment  $475 


Adult cremation  $485 
Child cremation, under 10  $325 
Infant cremation, under 1  no charge 
Overtime after 3pm, per hour  $325 
Saturday cremation  $450 
Saturday cremation & pickup  $750 
Witness the start of cremation $225 


Urn Garden Plots  from $3,500 
Single Grave, Flush Marker  from $4,750 
Single Grave, Upright Monument  from $9,750 
Double Grave, Upright Monument  from $15,600 
Family Lots, Flush Marker  from $17,100 
Family Lots, Upright Monument  from $32,500 
Family Mausoleum Lots  please call
Community Mausoleum Crypts  from $16,600
Garden Niches (outdoor)  from $1,750
Bronze Front Niches (indoor) from $500
Glass Front Niches (indoor) from $1,750

-capacity for Single Graves is two and Double Graves four
-capacity for each grave space within a lot is two

-full casket capacity per space varies by location
-see our Interactive Sales Map for more information

Chapel RENTAL:  

up to (2) hours-
Weekdays until 3pm  $575 
Weekdays after 3pm & Saturdays  $775 


Inscription processing Fee  $25

Foundation and Setting Fees-
Flush markers
    -up to 2' x 1'  $715
Upright monuments
    -Single Grave  $850
    -Double Grave  $1,215

For larger memorials, please contact the office.