Project Overview

The non-profit Newton Cemetery & Arboretum is comprised of approximately 96 acres of land, 89 of which are currently established for interment and operations space.  The Cemetery completed a Master Plan in 2013 and is embarking on its second phase. The purpose of the second phase is to create new burial space to solidify its financial stability as it looks forward to transitioning to an arboretum. 

The parcel that is the location of the second phase abuts Commonwealth Avenue, the residential neighborhood on North Street, existing cemetery plots, the Cemetery’s maintenance facility, and MWRA property. It is currently a combination of wooded, rolling terrain with rock outcroppings, and cleared space used for ongoing cemetery operations.

The Knoll is designed to improve and expand Newton Cemetery’s available burial space by approximately 4.5 acres to meet the demand for its services, and, as the last remaining areas are created into burial space and eventually sold, to ensure the organization will be in a solid position as it slowly transitions from an active cemetery to a cultural institution.

Once complete, The Knoll will offer the community an expanded selection of interment products set within a beautiful Garden Cemetery landscape which will include multiple water features, curvilinear pathways, rock outcroppings, and gathering space.

Consistent with the arboretum’s environmental goals, The Knoll will also expand the diversity of the urban tree canopy and vegetation through careful selection of native species. 

March 22, 2022 Project Presentation
June 13, 2022 Project Presentation
September 22, 2022 Project Presentation


  • Create space for future burial and operations space
  • Expand the environmental benefits of the Accredited Arboretum
  • Expand the “garden cemetery” while providing opportunities for a variety of burial and memorialization options for the community
  • Prepare for the transition from an active, non-profit cemetery to a non-profit cultural institution
  • Continue to provide and expand long-term community benefits and resources, including improved landscapes and expanded walking paths
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