As an historic garden cemetery, the mature tree canopy defines the sylvan quality of the landscape. Many of the noblest specimens were growing or planted when the cemetery was established in 1855. A key piece of the arboretum plan includes planting new trees on a regular basis in anticipation of the natural, ongoing decline of our oldest trees. With your support, the Sponsor a Tree program will ensure future generations are able to enjoy the quiet grace that mature trees provide. A donation includes a plaque that will remain in place for the duration of the selected sponsorship period, 10 or 30 years. It offers a way to honor or remember a family member or special person(s) by dedicating a tree as a living tribute. Not only will your contribution help preserve a significant resource in the community of Newton, it will dedicate a tree as a living tribute.

Frequently Asked Questions

What trees can I sponsor?

Recently planted trees in the arboretum are available for sponsorship, offering the opportunity to see it grow and mature.

How do I learn about the available trees?

Before making a selection, the sponsor has the opportunity to discuss the available specimens with Newton Cemetery staff.

Can I choose the species and location of the tree to be planted?

The species and location has been predetermined per Newton Cemetery’s horticultural plan.

When can I sponsor a tree?

Although trees are planted during proper planting seasons, trees may be sponsored at any time of the year. Sponsorship is based on availability. If no newly planted trees are available, a sponsor may elect to have their name added to a waiting list and they will be notified when trees become available.

How large are the trees available to sponsor?

The newly planted trees are not seedlings. The size will vary depending on species, but most are 10′ to 15′ tall with at least 2″to 3″ diameter trunks.

How is the sponsored tree identified?

A personalized plaque is placed at the tree and may identify the sponsor(s) or be made in memory or honor of a special person(s). Prior to being created, a proof of the plaque will be provided for your review and approval.

Sample Plaques:

How much does it cost? How long does a sponsorship last?​

A 10 year sponsorship is $1,855 and a 30 year sponsorship is $3,710. Sponsorships may be renewed at the end of the sponsorship period.

What if the tree dies or is damaged?

Sponsored trees are guaranteed for the duration of the sponsorship period.

Are there any additional or yearly costs a sponsor is responsible for?

No. The tree will be placed under the care of Newton Cemetery’s certified arborist. 

Doesn’t Newton Cemetery already care for the trees? How is this different from the current maintenance program?

The trees and grounds are cared for by Newton Cemetery. The tree sponsorship program provides an elevated level of commitment specific to supporting an effort to ensure a diverse, multi-generational tree canopy for years to come.

Is the sponsor notified when any work or care is done to the tree?

No. The tree’s care will be managed by the cemetery’s arborist as needed.

For more information, please contact:
The Friends of Newton Cemetery

*Tribute donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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